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Portable 45cm Satellite Dish Smallest fold up design Light weight Easy to align 10 M Cable No assembly needed


The camper 45 is our smallest dish offering and also our biggest selling portable satellite dish. It is a light weight construction designed for easy foldaway and simple to use. There is elevation markers on the adjustable arm, with full instructions conveniently on the back of the dish. The dish is assembled in Christchurch and is supplied ready to use in a retail box. If cost and value is very important to you then this entry level dish will suit your requirements.


This 45cm dish is a good performer in many conditions, however if you require reception in more extreme weather conditions then we would suggest that you consider a Triax 54cm satellite dish. It is not possible to change the laws of physics and a 45cm dish is the smallest we would sell into the NZ market. What also helps this dish is the supplied Triax 10750 LNB is probably the best LNB available in New Zealand.

Ease of use:

This dish system is very easy to use, the elevation markers for each region are marked on the dish arm and the NZ list of elevations is on the back of the dish. Complete with 10M of Triax cable you will be finding the satellite in no time.


We support everything we sell, if you are having trouble or just need more information,

please feel free to give us a call.

Portable Satellite Dish System.

Fold Away 45cm Satellite Dish
Smallest fold away dish
Camper  45
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