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No drilling No holes No mess Attach to almost anything Life time strength Easy to apply

Fixing Systems

Bonds in seconds | Adheres for lifetime
Data Saddle complete with cable tie Suitable for smaller cable installations 16mm x 20mm S.W.L 1.0Kg  
30mm Saddle complete with cable tie Suitable for larger cable installations 30mm x 30mm S.W.L 5.0Kg 50mm Saddle only Suitable for large cable installations 50mm x 50mm S.W.L 10.0Kg 50mm Threaded Boss Fasteners Suitable for bolt attachments  50mm x 50mm base S.W.L 10.0Kg Standard M6 / M8 / M10 thread sizes
• Apply primer to surface
• Remove adhesive cover
• Using the appropriate tool,
press the product onto the
pre primed surface
• Fastener is ready for full load
• You now have a strong bond
which will increase in strength
as time goes on
Primer Spray Can
Primer Ampoules
Internal and external use
Ezi Fix Pressure Tools
No Drilling No leaky holes
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16mm,20mm,25mm, Adhesive Pipe Clip Suitable for PVC conduit and pipe installation S.W.L 5.0Kg  
Also available - rolls of Tape  30mm and 50mm wide.