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Hyda Mini Flexible Cable Cover
Cleverly designed to be used to house small or singular cables. The Mini Flexible Cable 
Cover sits on your skirting boards with minimal disruption to the clean lines of your walls. 
Colour: White, Black (can be painted to match walls or skirting)
Hyda Single Cable Cover
This cable cover is the most widely used to transport multiple amounts of data, power and 
speaker wires at the same time in any given direction. Made to sit on top of your existing 
skirting boards, the Single Cable Cover is surface mounted direct to your walls.
Cables are easily extruded at any point and you can change the extrusion points with the 
minimum amount of fuss.
Colour: White, Black  (can be painted to match walls or skirting)
Hyda Quad Cable Cover
Cleverly designed to carry twice the amount of cables over any given surface in the most 
inconspicuous way possible. Ideal for the office environment or home executive.
Colours: White, Black (can be painted to match your walls or skirting)
Hyda Mini Rigid Cable Cover
For cables which need extra protection to prevent them being bent or twisted - such as 
computer data and computer/home theatre speaker cables. Easily applied, has a rigid back 
to keep the line straight.
Colours: White, Black (can be painted to match walls or skirting)
All Hyda cable covers have a 1mm recess which can house double sided tape and ensures that the cable cover sits
snugly to the wall. For heavier cables you can screw directly to the wall to secure the cover if it is under load. We have Hyda cable covers available up to 2.4M long