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Portable Satellite Dishes 12VDC Televisions Mounting and cable management Automatic Satellite Windup Satellite Dish Receivers & HDMI Reversing Cameras

Satellite Dish Systems:

Our large range of satellite dish systems allow you the ability to receive signals in any location and in extreme weather, let us explain all the options and give you the best advice on size - performance and cost. From the basic portable dish to fully automatic dishes using only the best quality receiving LNB’s from Triax

Crank up Satellite Dish:

Our winegard crankup satellite dish has been extra engineered for the extra harsh New Zealand conditions - the dish has the stunning new black stick support which gives the dish unrivaled performance in the windy locations, no longer missing your favorite show during the wind. The black stick will not rust and corrode like other strut based systems. <more>


Our RSE televisions are simply amazing, they have built in satellite and terrestrial tuners, built in DVD player and USB play back add this with the ability to watch Sky TV by just inserting your Sky card (certain models) and sending your sound out to your radio by FM transmission. With 12VDC and versions including 19” , 24” & 32” These TV’s are made to be installed in your RV and have stunning picture quality and anti glare screens.  <more>

Satellite & Terrestrial Receivers:

From the Starview range we have micro sized satellite receivers designed to be mounted behind your TV or away out of view to our Triax receivers with the ability to receive Satellite and Terrestrial Freeview from the same receiver, use the aerial when in main towns and cities and use the satellite when in the country - 1 receiver both solutions. All fully 12VDC operation with hideaway magic eyes.

UFO Terrestrial Aerials:

Our Triax UFO terrestrial aerials are just amazing in their performance, built in amplification and unidirectional technology makes this aerial perform in many extreme situations. <more>

Reversing Cameras:

We supply and install reversing cameras - Choose from single / dual or quad systems, have a mirror monitor installed or even a dedicated dash display so you can easily check your cameras, have one looking to the rear while driving and another looking down at the rear when you go into reverse. We have the solution for you. We also supply and install trailer harness kits so you can have a camera on your caravan and a display in your towing vehicle. <more>


We supply a large range of accessories to help installations from mounting your TV to headphones to connectors for coax cables including the cable or if you need us we can fully install your complete system.

Ezi Fix:

We have the amazing Ezi Fix range of fastener systems, this range allows you to install cables, pipes, solar panels and many other things on or in your motor home without screwing or drilling holes. This range will attach to Metal, Plastic, Glass, Wood and even concrete. It will not fall off. Come in store to find out more on this amazing product. <more>

Hyda Capping:

Running cables and wires is now very simple and tidy with Hyda capping. this unique system allows you to insert and remove cables from the capping with out having to remove covers. Simple - Tidy - Attractive designs make those cables vanish. <more>

Mobile Products

Camper 54 Triax 54cm portable satellite Dish, complete with 10M of cable. Simple - easy to align. Camper 45 Entry level portable satellite dish & 10M of cable. Smallest fold up dish. Camper 54+ Triax 54cm portable satellite dish on sturdy Tri-pod mount- with 10M of cable. Extreme environment model. PortAdish2 Our latest portable dish, Simple - efficient - folds up - complete with 10M of cable Winegard New Zealand black stick shock system crank up satellite dish with magic elevation sensor SamY automatic satellite dish system. simply the best reception option. Southern Cross 45 A fully automatic satellite dish system - the best entry level dish if you want fully automatic RSE Televisions complete with satellite tuners available 19” , 24” & 32” Starview Satellite receivers micro sized designed to be mounted out of site. Triax UFO terrestrial aerial designed for mobile use Reversing cameras, Single - Dual and Quad cameras. All designed for outside use. Mirror displays camera monitors. Complete range. Ezi Fix fastener systems for simple easy to apply fasteners that don’t need holes or screws. Hyda cable covers. Hide those messy cables this amazing new capping system allows you to install wires hidden from view, easy to add extra wires without installing.

Many products with full 2 Year warranties

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