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Portable 54cm Satellite Dish Triax Quality Unique fold up design Easy to align 10 M Cable Bubble level and instructions


The Triax portAdish2 is the latest design of the extremely popular portAdish system sold around New Zealand during the last 8 years. The dish is manufactured in Denmark by Triax, the LNB is a Triax 10750 model. The cables connectors are also Triax quality. The unique triangular bracket is manufactured in Christchurch and the whole kit is fully assembled - wired and ready for use. It will arrived fully retail boxed.  


Being a Triax dish it is galvanized steal with polyester powder coating manufactured to the highest standards in Denmark this complete dish system has a 2 year warranty.


Probably the most important, the performance is top notch,  we challenge others to find better performing satellite dishes than the Triax range. - Quite simply great reception is exactly what you need.

Ease of use:

This dish system is very easy to use, the elevation markers for each region are marked on the disk in 1 degree increments, and the NZ list of elevations is on the back of the dish. Complete with 10M of Triax cable you will be finding the satellite in no time.


We support everything we sell, if you are having trouble or just need more information,

please feel free to give us a call.

Portable Satellite Dish System.

2 The legend has evolved PortAdish
Fold Away 54cm Satellite Dish
Simply Great reception
Simple to align - Easy to foldaway - Quality materials