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54cm satellite dish Fully automatic dish The benchmark system Works everywhere in New Zealand Ignition auto shutdown German Made - 3 Year Warranty


Where to start? Quite simply if you want the best then ten-Haaft are the leaders in the automatic satellite dishes, their products have stood the test of time and are where everyone tried to copy. The SamY is the best automatic satellite dish in New Zealand, the product uses only top quality components including air craft grade aluminum, UV stable plastics , Stainless steel and ten-Haaft specify the Triax 54cm Satellite dishes and LNBs, this is automatic at its best. German engineering and 3 year warranty says enough on its own.


This dish performs extremely well in all weathers, from heavy rain to hail and snow. If you want a dish that just works reliably and with little fuss, your butler who does it all for you then this is SamY

Ease of use:

The dish is very easy to use with all controls operated from inside the motorhome. A easy to use control unit wired inside, just push the button and the dish will come up and find the satellite. Just repeat to retract the dish. Speed up functions on the system are last position memory, the dish will goto the last position first - so if you haven’t moved you should have signal in seconds. You will generally expect the SamY to find the signal in 30 seconds or less. If you forget to send the dish down before leaving don’t worry the dish will automatically retract when your start your ignition.


Weight 15Kg Full 360 deg rotation - no blind spots 230mm high when lowered Multiple satellites are available 3 Year warranty 12V / 24V Operation Supplied with 5M of wiring harness cable.


We support everything we sell, if you are having trouble or just need more information

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Automatic Satellite Dish System

No gimmicks, just great reception SamY is Simply the Best - Donít settle for less!
The system that sets the benchmark
Control Unit

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