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Design & Install

Our experienced staff can work with you to design and then install a Solar System that is tailored to your needs and is robust enough to keep you running even on those cloudy winters days.   

12 - 24V Solar Panels

Our range of solar panels are available in 12V and 24V varieties, 24V will supply larger levels of power using smaller cables and better performance. Match a 24V panel with a MPPT controller to get the best performance and conversion to 12V.

Portable Solar Panels

Coming soon - a new range of portable solar panels and products.

Solar Controllers and Chargers

We have a range of solar controllers and chargers from entry level to the top performing MPPT systems, we will work with you to make sure you have the best controller for your requirements, A poor controller is like throwing money down the drain. Why have a controller that doesn’t give you readings of how your system is performing, this is like having having a power connection at home and not having a power meter thus trusting the power company to invoice you correctly :)

Batteries and Inverters

We have a range of Inverters and can assist you to have the correct model for your requirements there is no point in having an inverter that wont supply your 230V products with the correct levels of current.

Battery Testing and System Service

We are able to test and Analise your system from the battery and to current drain on your system, let us work out where it is all going wrong or being used.

Fusing and Protection

We always make sure correct fusing and installation is carried out, we see so many systems that do not have adequate protection. This is a huge risk for fire and to life if not carried out correctly. Let us check your system and make sure you are safe.

Solar Systems

Quality Panels Available in 95W, 140W, 200W and 250W Coming soon... Portable Solar available in a range of sizes and applications.  Perfect for camping or where roof space is limited. 12/24V Solar Controllers with full LCD Display, information on Charging battery levels and load. Top Quality MPPT Solar Controllers get the best out of your Solar Panels and Battery Banks ensuring highest output from your system with the longest life possible Need power on the Run? These compact 300W Pure Sign-Wave Inverters can be mounted in tight spaces or use the included Cig lead for Portable power in the car. Our Range of high output Pure Sign-Wave Inverters are perfect for running microwaves and toasters in your Motorhome and all feature remote start controls.

Expert advice on solar and power systems.

Solar Systems