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45cm satellite dish Fully automatic dish Pre set transponders Works everywhere in New Zealand Ignition auto shutdown No more wiping your dome for reception


The Southern Cross 45 has been extensively designed with the aim of providing a cost effective solution to automatic satellite systems. Many entry systems at this level do not provide good signals or performance,  it is with this that Southern Cross 45 is a winner. The Souther Cross 45 although made in China has a aluminum dish so it wont rust, many Chinese satellite dishes are proving to rust so having Aluminum resolves this. Many of the external screws are made of stainless steel.


This dish performs very well in most conditions. We have paired the dish with the Triax 10750 LNB which is also a top performer. Signal levels from this dish outperform dome style dish systems and will work in the rain.

Ease of use:

The dish is very easy to use with all controls operated from within the motorhome. A simple control unit wired inside, push the button and the dish will come up and find the satellite. Just repeat to retract the dish. If you forget to send the dish down before leaving don’t worry the dish will automatically retract when your start your ignition.


Weight 15Kg Full 360 deg rotation - no blind spots 230mm high when lowered Optus D1 only 2 Year warranty


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Automatic Satellite Dish System

Camping - Motor Home : Television Reception
The latest in automatic reception systems: Sick of cleaning and wiping domes just to get television signal ? Tired of having no signal when it rains ? Want a system that is easy to operate ? No space to store a portable dish ? Then its time to consider the Southern Cross 45. This is the step up from Portable, Crank up and Dome systems everyone has been asking for.