Skyrider Dish Install

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Skyrider Dish Install

Skyrider Dish Install

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Fully Install Skyrider Automatic Dish System

With the SKYRIDER 65, a satellite receiver specially designed for use in camper vans and mobile homes,
which guarantees the greatest possible TV and radio variety while on the go via satellite.
The heart of the SKYRIDER 65 is the controller unit, a small box that you place inside your camper van. The unit is connected to the satellite antenna on the roof and, at the other end, the controller is connected to a receiver such as a satellite receiver or television.
Device Size 67.00 x 18.50 x 98.00 cm
Weight 13.55 Kg
Gain 35.7 dBi
Supplied with 10750 Triax LNB
Pre Loaded as default for Optus D1.
Aprox. 30-180 seconds search Time
Auto Shut Down wire

This package is fully installed, includes
Cable, Ezifix to the roof
Wiring for 1 TV and and setup