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Commercial Digital TV (IPTV & COFDM)

WiFi and Media Solutions

Our team are available to provide advice and planning support while our Work-Flow means you can be confident a system planned by us meets both current and future requirements.

We can work with you, your Architect or your installer to give you the right advice, products and installation support needed to future proof your systems.

Triax is also a leading manufacturer of hardware solutions for fibre optical networks, IPTV, MATV, WiFi distribution and control systems.

Our range has been developed to enable minimal installation time with efficient access to connections and components.

Many designs have been perfected on the basis of feedback from our customers and our standard models represent ‘best practice’ within their respective application areas.


Triax Commercial Work Flow

The Triax culture is to be customer focused and our cooperation with you is based on a partnership where we provide solutions that are simple and clear to understand.  This system is called Triax Work flow.

A process that ensures we fully understand your system requirements and provide you with the perfect solution.

We understand your requirements and expectations.

We analyse your needs and define how your Triax system/s must be configured.

We design the network and generate diagrams that illustrate how the system will be configured.

We document the performance of the system and calculate prices and terms of delivery.

We present you with the perfect solution and a quotation.  We make sure the proposal meets your expectations.

On acceptance of the proposal we will supply you with all the materials needed to install the system.

We go through our proposal with you to ensure the system meets specifications.

Our manuals guide you through the installation and programming of the Triax System/s.

After Sales Service
We are always available for you regarding questions, software upgrades or any other related issues.

We offer phone and email and some times on site help for installation, support and product training.


Please feel free to contact us any time.