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Do Triax make an aerial suitable for reception of FM radio?

Yes.  There is a choice of two models:

  • FM Omni: A  single elementomni-directional model that has a circular reception profile from all directions.
  • FM 3-5 Element: A directional aerial that can receive from more distant and directional transmitters.

My picture 'locks up', 'freezes', 'breaks up'?

This can be caused by low signal strengths.
Look at installing a higher gain aerial or masthead amplifier.
These symptoms can also be caused by the system picking up high levels of impulse noise from unsuppressed sources (Eg. electrical motors or cars).

The recommended cure is to try and increase signal strength and use suitable cable and outlet plates.

Can I receive Freeview where I live?

To check if you live within an area of Freeview coverage, click here (www.freeviewnz.tv) and enter your address.

You are able to receive freeview via satellite anywhere in New Zealand that you can install a satellite dish that has a clear line of site to the satellite.

What cable should be used to connect the aerial to the TV?

The cable should be a suitable RG6 coaxial cable.  Or A+ Class for Longer Cable Runs.

What is a dipole and balun?

The cable is connected to the dipole section of the aerial. This is where the TV signal is received and where the coaxial cable is connected. The balun (balanced to unbalanced converted) is the small printed circuit that is located in the dipole plastic housing and is used to match the dipoleto the coaxial cable. This has the effect of maximising the signal transfer from the aerial to the cable whilst minimizing the effects of impulse noise interference.

What is a diplexer?

The diplexer unit consists of two filters in parallel that allow two input signals (Satellite and TV) on separate cables to be combined onto a single cable.

This is a passive device and can also be used in the reverse allowing two signals to be filtered separately from a single cable.

A Satellite-Radio outlet is sometimes called a diplexed outlet.

These are commonly used in conjunction with a Multi-Switch.

What happens if my signal level is too low for satisfactory reception?

If the signal is too low then a gradual decline in reception quality is perceived.

When this occurs with a digital signal the picture will initially ‘freeze’ then disappear.

It is therefore advisable to allow a 6dB margin above the digital threshold level (50dB) for signal loss over time and for seasonal / weather changes.

My Digital Link will not operate?

Check the green light is on.

If it does not operate, check that the wall outlet is not isolated as there must be a DC path between the Tri Link / Modulator / Amplifier and the Digital Link.

I have no picture and/or Sound with HDMI Extender / Matrix?

Check all cables and connections. In the case of kits with powered Receivers make sure there is power to the Transmitter and the Receiver.

Plug one of the HDMi devices (ie DVD) directly into the TV to make sure there is no issues with the device or the HDMI Cables.

Contact your installer and have your Network and HDMI Cables tested.

How is a my aerial mounted?

Vertically or Horizontally depending on your transmission area.

Some areas have both, contact us or check with your local installer.

As a guide if your Freeview broadcast channel are an even number IE 32, 34, 36 then you are in a horizontal area.

Do I need an aerial for each individual TV receiver?

No.  You can use a splitter, amplifier, or multi-switch to distribute to a number of points around the property.

Digital Imports sells a wide range versions for 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 way distribution.  Browse our product range or contact us.

What does non isolated and isolated mean in relation to TV outlets?

A non-isolated outlet means there is a direct connection between the outlet socket and the cable or distribution system.

In a system which uses isolated outlets, system isolation capacitors are used to prevent possible harmful voltages from reaching other parts of the distribution system.

Is the digital signal strength the same as for analogue signals?

No the digital signal is transmitted at lower power.

The Set Top Box has the ability to recognize the digital signals and distinguish them from the noise inherent on the carrier, allowing the lower signal power to be transmitted.

What are the recommended threshold levels for Terrestrial TV reception?

The threshold for acceptable analogue TV is >60 dBuV and digital TV is >50 dBuV

What size of aerial will be required?

There is no easy answer to this question as the size of aerial depends on available signal strength, which in turn depends a great deal on the distance from the transmitter.

Also different size Aerials do not determine their performance.

Contact us or your local installer for the best options for your area.

How can I increase my signal level?

The first thing to do is make sure the correct aerial is being used.

You may need to change to a ‘higher gain’ aerial.

Alternatively, a suitable masthead amplifier may be required (see our Range).

This should have a low noise performance and moderate gain (too much gain will over amplify the signal and cause distortion to upset the digital decoder).

Can my current aerial receive digital television?

It is possible to receive digital television signals on any UHF television aerial, though it is highly recommended that a quality Yagi aerial be used.

The aerial should have a dipole fitted with a balun, which will allow optimum signal transfer and cancellation of unwanted impulse noise interference.

Contact us or talk with your local installer to find the best match for your location.

My Satellite Receiver has lost certain channels?

From time to time channels are moved around or removed from the Satellite.

There are quick tips included with your receiver that talks you through scanning for new channels.

If you have trouble look though our receiver section for the latest channel updates or feel free to give us a call.

Can I paint my satellite dish?

Should the antenna require painting to minimize the visual impact, it is recommended that mat lead-free paint is used.

To avoid solar damage, the paint shall not be more than 30% reflective – metallic paint must be avoided.

Where can I get up-to-date satellite channel listings?

Please log onto the Lyngsat website (click here) for up-to-date satellite channel listings.

Can the aerial be mounted in the roof?

Yes.  Any TV or Radio aerial can be mounted in a roof but there will be a loss of signal strength due to the roof material and construction used.

Not recommended for metal roofing.